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Salute to all music ! Jeff Boydstun, the former bassist and still sometimes Bassist of Medieval Steel has dedicated this site to all of the bands that he was the bassist for.This site contains history, photos, news and updates. Currently he is writing songs and laying bass tracks for a new Cd which has had many trials and tribulations. Unexpectedly, ATTONEMENT'S Tommy Miller Guitarist/Vocalist was diagnosed with cancer and a few short months he passed away. The album when finished will be dedicated to him and five songs with him will be mastered and on the album. The album to released sometime this year. To hear some tunes see the Steel Conflict page.Check out the news section for updates. Feel free to send feedback and comments to the guestbook section.

In Loving memory : Tommy Miller {The Skullion }Bestfriend/Guitarist/Vocalist . Rest In Peace Brother !



Hail to all the Medieval Steel fans and friends !

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The new Medieval Steel album " The Dungeon Tapes " is now for sale follow the link!/medievalsteel  Please return and checkout this site and the Cd project as they develop. We are also working on a new web site and it should be up and kicking soon ! Songs coming soon ! Support live music and your local bands !


Medieval Steel and now released new album 2014 called DARK CASTLE


Breaking news Medieval Steel new album coming in 2016 with Jeff Boydstun on bass. Updates soon !!


  08/25/2014 over 18,000 visit's since 2007 , thanks to all you're awsome !


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1984 Ep Medieval Steel Album !